Practice Areas

Practice Areas of DW Law in Taber, AB

Darin helps you find answers to the following legal questions in his practice areas:

Top Practice Area: Family Law & Divorce

  • How to get child support? Should I seek retroactive child support? What financial information do I need from the other parent? Do I have to register with Maintenance Enforcement? Can child support be paid in the form of car payments or mortgage payments?
  • How to get spousal support? Am I entitled to spousal support? How much spousal support will I get?
  • How to divide property after separation?
  • Legal Separation Agreements
  • Custody after separation?
  • How to do a Parenting Agreement?

Second Practice Area: Court Claims & Personal Injury Law & Car Accidents

  • Employment Law – Have I been wrongfully dismissed? What do I do if I am being harassed at work? What are my rights against bullying at work? Is my severance fair? Should I quit or wait until I get fired?
  • Car Accidents – Will I get more money if I have a lawyer? How do I negotiate with the insurance company? When do I need to file a court claim for my injuries? Should I settle with the insurance company?
  • Personal Injury – I’ve been injured, but when should I see a lawyer? Will it cost me to see a lawyer?
  • What is a wrongful dismissal or wrongful termination
  • What is slander and defamation?
  • Small Claims court
  • How to write a demand letter?

Real Estate & Mortgages

  • What are the steps in Purchasing a house?
  • Why do I need a lawyer when I get a mortgage?
  • Why do I need a lawyer when I sell my house?


  • How to prepare a will?
  • What is a Power of Attorney?
  • What is a Personal Directive or Living Will?

Darin is available for consultations in any of his practice areas if you just want some advice and you want to try to handle your legal problem on your own.

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