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Parenting After Separation

You have just separated, and want to learn how to help your kids get through the separation. You also want to learn about child support and parenting plans, and how to effectively co-parent. Check out the Parenting After Separation Course

From their website:

Parenting After Separation is a six hour seminar when taken in person or approximately a 3 hour eCourse. PAS offers information to parents about the separation and divorce process, the effects of separation and divorce on children, techniques for communication and legal information that affects parents and children.

There is no cost to the parties to attend PAS in person, if you reside in or near a judicial centre where the seminar is offered, or to complete the eCourse.

PAS teaches parents the importance of working together to meet children’s health, social, educational and emotional needs. The program encourages parents to attend mediation and to consider other dispute resolution options.

Court Forms

If you want to save some legal fees, you can do some work on your own by preparing your own court documents. If you are looking for how to prepare your own court forms, you can go to the Alberta Courts website and download and fill out your own court forms. Bring your draft forms to Darin Wight for review before you file them in court. We recommend that you review your draft with Darin Wight to make sure you have included everything that you need to rely on for a winning case.

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